About me… in short…

For as long I can remember I have loved to write stories and being troubled with dyslexia it was not always straightforward. Especially as in my schooldays, it wasn’t seen as a medical problem but just being lazy or stupid or being troublesome. Only found out that I had dyslexia after I had finished art-school. Never the less it didn’t stop me wanting to write. My first really serious attempt to write a book was fuelled by my other passion: horses. The book – Appaloosa, Het Nez Perce Paard (Appaloosa, the Nez Perce Horse) was picked up by a Dutch publisher. After that I wrote for several horse magazines – TV guides – newspapers in Flemish (my native language) and French about horses. My first shot to write in English were published in newsletters of US studbooks and horse clubs when their editors asked for articles with an European POV. Latter some of my stories and artwork where published in magazines. (For the cult series: The Professionals, UFO, Robin of Sherwood) One story got nominated for a Mayor Oak Award (West Hollywood, CA – USA)  but didn’t win still I won twice their Silver Award for Excellence in 2003 for my artwork (Front cover and independent artwork in Robin of Sherwood magazine).

Since I had finished art-school for interior designer my cousin teaching silk painting asked me to join one of her workshops. This was the starts of my interest in silk painting — first as pupil now as teacher. As I give lessons in silk-painting in the local ‘cultural centre’ run by a government scheme to get adults back into studying and finding new interests in live. Beside that, I run workshops for silk painting organised by local cultural organisations and exhibition some of my work in local art exposition.  Recently I also got involved in felting wool, which I now combine with silk to create things like wall tapestries.

As I got more serious in writing (especially scripts ) I followed a few courses for script writing with the LA Writer’s University and spend some time reading writing manuals. At present I am working on several scripts and just finished my first novel in English. I know it will take a lot of effort to get any of these projects of the ground but who dares wins – I hope!


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