Hello world!

I wanted to ‘like’ a blog and they told me I had to register — so  I did and got this blog — these things may be uncommon to you but very common to me. As for some reasons I live by Murphy’s Law — except with Murphy only those things that can go wrong will go wrong – with me it just a question when it will go wrong!

Still now I have this blog I better add something in order not to leave a blank spot on the internet —  the days of ‘I think so I am’ are over replaced with ‘I blog so I excist’

Don’t know I will be able to post a lot — as I have another blog Enna writan uppe overhere: http://ennawritanuppe.blogspot.be/ a twitter page https://twitter.com/#!/flemska and a Face book page you can find following this link —- http://www.facebook.com/?ref=tn_tnmn#!/annemarie.caluwaert


3 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. Lara Biyuts says:

    Hello. Just a small note. Your Facebook page cannot be seen here, otherwise, I’d add you. Nice to cybermeet you, my fellow writer, anyway.

    • ennatreaw says:

      Well I guess in all honestly I forgot to add it — but I have added it now! Sorry but doing stupid things one doesn’t need to be clever I guess!!!

      • Lara Biyuts says:

        only today, I saw your reply, thank you !
        Many friends of mine are on WordPress, but my relationship with WordPress is difficult, for some reason. Hope, it will change for better next year..))))))

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