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A book revolution started twenty-three years ago today, as this is posted. Yes, I’m talking about the 1994 founding of Amazon. Whether you love Amazon, despise it, or are indifferent to it, it’s hard to deny the profound changes the company made to the world of buying, selling, and reading books.

Like all major changes, the ones brought by Amazon have had both positive and negative consequences. And, of course, whether you consider a consequence to be positive or negative depends partly on your particular situation and opinions. Either way, it’s a whole new publishing world because of Amazon.

For authors, Amazon allows all sorts of options that hadn’t easily been available before. I can only speak for myself, but here are a few examples. I can publish, under my own imprint, whenever I’m ready to do so. And I can reach audiences all over the world, in three different…

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Love this little gem (movie)


“…frequent interjections of black and white footage…in the same manner that was employed in cult 90’s TV sitcom, Dream On…”

Wayward Wolf Film Review.

Il Postino, Cinema Paradiso, La Vita è Bella, La Grande Bellezza – Italian cinema is littered with gems such as these. Sentimental, often bordering on the saccharine, but forever compelling, emotionally-charged and beautifully realised films, one and all.

Sweet Dreams is a film whose component parts would appear to place it, at least content and intentions-wise, into the same sort of bracket. The bar is raised so high however that it is therefore perhaps unfair to compare the merits (or perhaps lack of), of Sweet Dreams with the aforementioned films. Try as it might, Marco Bellocchio’s tale of a man’s attempts in adulthood, to come to terms with the traumatic loss of his mother, during childhood, falls some way short of such revered company.

As a…

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When writing become second to the spoken word

Review: David Tennant in True Love | Radio Times

This is why writers sweat, panic, re-write – rewrite again and again, draft after draft into the early hours of the night, carry a notebook around for getting the ideas that pop up noted, delete most what they have been sweating over for hours, days, weeks, months because they know this great scene & line really doesn’t fit any more in the story. And that is why this didn’t work – because no actor will do this – he will take the idea & the character and create a great scene – but without the proper long period of brooding out a story the scenes and dialogues gets lost. Because there is no story frame to hang them on! There are people who are writers there others who are actors – let us both agree on this fact that we both have part to play in the creation of great TV and movies and theatre. But let stick to our part of the job as otherwise it will run into a muddle of confusion and prattle — these great actors deserved a proper scripted scenes! This may work for fringe theatre where a few cult followers will join actors to see something different but it’s not for TV or films

The world does not owe me an audience, I need to earn it but delivering what they want, how they want it, when they want it… and surprise them too! Chris Jones

Love people and use things. Don’t love things and use people.

Love people and use thing…

You really should try to come!

In October the third London Screenwriters Festival will be held – and as I have been there for the first and second event I can promise you it’s really great fun, a lot really useful information to help you as a writer and especially friendly people around. All keen to learn, meet others like them or not quite like them and just spend a weekend learning, updating and rebooting thier energy to keep writing — the speakers are interesting AND know about what they are talking so you really learn from them AND they don’t mind to talk to those who are not yet within the business. So no need to belong to an old boy network, to have gone to the right schools, to belong to the inner circle of friends.

There are also payment schemes to make it easier for you to go. Just visit their webpage –

This seems to be a blog packed with interesting info

Another blog that is interesting for screenwriter —

Hello world!

I wanted to ‘like’ a blog and they told me I had to register — so  I did and got this blog — these things may be uncommon to you but very common to me. As for some reasons I live by Murphy’s Law — except with Murphy only those things that can go wrong will go wrong – with me it just a question when it will go wrong!

Still now I have this blog I better add something in order not to leave a blank spot on the internet —  the days of ‘I think so I am’ are over replaced with ‘I blog so I excist’

Don’t know I will be able to post a lot — as I have another blog Enna writan uppe overhere: a twitter page!/flemska and a Face book page you can find following this link —-!/annemarie.caluwaert